About Us


Everything in this world has its own unique story. Of course, so does Qushin.....

The main cause of our story is one white fluff called Bak.



I have been watching how Bak enjoys putting its soft nose onto our pillows ever since the first day it joined our family. And since that first day I wanted to buy the softest and the prettiest pillow on which Bak could dream its wildest dreams. But I also wanted a pillow that would be easy to wash on days when we came home with wet and dirty paws, after yet another walk in the rain.

I wanted a pillow that I would not have to hide in my closet when the guests arrive, a pillow that would fit in well with other details in the house, and, of course, a pillow that would be of high quality. And that is how Qushin was created.

Today Qushin is a European brand with products for both pets and their owners. Qushin products are made and sold in the EU. Besides high quality pillows and covers from the Qushin collection, there are also decorative pillows from our Qushin Home collection and there is the Qushin Yacht collection for dogs spending time on boats. The point of our whole story is to add the always-important aesthetic dimension to accessories for pets. All products can be paired and matched and, hence, bring a touch of beauty to every space.

Every Qushin product is made with a lot of love and its purpose is the same as ours – to make every dog happy and to make every home beautiful. Therefore, we in Qushin like to say that we have the best job in the world, especially when we get pictures of happy fluffs on our pillows. And do you know why pets like Qushin so much? Because they, too, know what high quality feels like :)