From Dog Beds to Human Comfort

The Qushin Journey

Eight years ago, in the cozy corners of our home, a small dream began to take shape—a dream fueled by love for our furry friend, Bak, and a desire to create comfort that extended all boundaries. Little did we know that this humble beginning would evolve into the remarkable brand that Qushin is today. As we reminisce on our journey, we’re reminded of the transformative power of passion and persistence that took us from crafting dog beds for Bak to curating a collection of bean bag loungers for humans.


Our story traces back to Bak, a loyal canine companion whose presence brought us boundless joy and warmth. When we first welcomed him into our home, we were struck by his unwavering loyalty and his innate ability to find comfort in the simplest of things. Inspired by his joyful spirit and his love for curling up in cozy corners, we set out to create the perfect retreat for him—a dog bed that would be as snug and inviting as his favorite spot on the couch.

Armed with little more than determination and a sewing machine, we embarked on our journey to create Bak’s dream bed. Each stitch was infused with love and care, as we meticulously crafted a haven where he could rest and recharge after long days of play. As Bak’s delight in his new bed became evident, so too did the seed of an idea that would eventually blossom into Qushin.

As Qushin began to take shape, Bak became synonymous with our brand. He was more than just a mascot; he was the embodiment of everything we stood for—comfort, quality, and above all, love. And though he may no longer be by our side, his spirit continues to inspire us every day, driving us to create products that bring joy and happiness to all. Bak’s passing was a profound loss, sending ripples of grief through our hearts and homes. But amidst the sorrow, there was solace in knowing that his memory would live on in the work we do and the lives we change.

Driven by a passion for quality and a commitment to our furry friends, we soon found ourselves at the forefront of the pet industry. Our dog beds, renowned for their comfort and durability, became a staple in homes across Europe, bringing joy to countless furry companions and their owners alike. But as our brand grew, so did our aspirations.

Inspired by the success of our pet products, we began to envision a future where comfort knew no bounds—a future where humans could experience the same level of luxury and relaxation that we had created for our four-legged friends. Thus, the idea of Qushin’s bean bag loungers was born—a collection designed to redefine the art of lounging and elevate everyday comfort to new heights.

Transitioning from dog beds to bean bags was a natural progression for us—a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. Drawing on our years of experience in crafting cozy retreats for pets, we set out to create loungers that combine style, functionality, and unparalleled comfort. From luxurious fabrics to ergonomic designs, every detail was carefully considered to ensure that our loungers provide the ultimate relaxation experience for humans, just as our dog beds did for Bak.


Today, as we celebrate eight years of growth and success, we’re filled with gratitude for the journey that has brought us here. To our loyal customers, thank you for your unwavering support and for inviting Qushin into your homes. To our dedicated team, thank you for your passion and creativity, and for bringing our vision to life. And to Bak, our beloved inspiration and the driving force behind it all, thank you for teaching us the true meaning of comfort, love, and companionship.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to our core values of quality, innovation, and compassion. Whether it’s crafting the perfect pet bed or curating the ultimate lounging experience for humans, our mission remains unchanged—to bring comfort, joy, and a little touch of luxury to every home, one Qushin product at a time.

In 2021, we won the prestigious European Product Design Award for our Sofa Dog Bed! This recognition was a testament to our dedication to crafting innovative and stylish solutions for pets and their owners.

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