Unfortunately, we have the saddest news…

9/21/2021 2:34 AM

Unfortunately, we have the saddest news ... Our beloved director Bak left us forever after 10 years of immeasurable happiness, love and joy... Everything he gave us is impossible to describe in words. We believe that it was all seen in his beautiful eyes, but also in all the joy and happiness that we had because of him… That amount of love was so big that it even created Qushin and brought us to where we are today.

You loved him too, you realized how special he was… We hope that he will stay alive in your thoughts, just like in ours. We hope that with every look at your pet beds you will remember our Bak, remember that your lovely pets have the softest and most beautiful pillows because of him. Actually, that's the part of Bak that will never go away… The part of Bak that will forever live inside us all… Because while Qushin exists, Bak, believe us, you will exist too... Thank you for everything! Your Qushin team will love you and miss you till the end of time. Sleep tight and find your place on the most beautiful cloud, we hope it will be as soft as one of your favourite Qushin pillows.

 “You left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide, and although we cannot see you, you are always at our side.”

Bak, 02.02.2011. – 30.08.2021.

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Iva Goluža