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Website www.qushin.com is owned by company Azaria Ltd. (hereinafter Azaria). Azaria allows use of services and content of www.qushin.com website regulated by these Terms of use.

Terms of use prescribe the rules for end-users and are related to the usage of www.qushin.com website. By using the website end-users express agreement with General Terms and Conditions and agree to use www.qushin.com website accordingly.

Access to www.qushin.com website can sometimes be unavailable due to work, maintenance or upgrade, as well as in cases of unpredictable circumstances, beyond the control of Azaria which we will try to eliminate as soon as possible.

All materials contained on www.qushin.com website are exclusive intellectual property of Azaria and may be used only with the express permission of copyright holders and holders of rights to trademark and/or design.

User can send its inquiries and comments in writing by mail or e-mail and Azaria will, within legal deadline, send a written response by mail.


In terms of these conditions of sale buyer/customer is a physical or legal person who orders at least one product, fills the required information and pays ordered product via www.qushin.com website.

If customer is a legal person and its information are entered, then the legal person is considered to be the customer and physical person whose data was entered is considered to be authorized customer.


For a valid product order a person who fulfills the order must be older than 18 years (business capacity).

Customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information at registration.

Azaria reserves the right to change these terms of sale and can change the same without prior notice, but is obligated to notify all registered users via email submitted during the registration.


Azaria obligates to point out retail price in clear, visible and legible manner, in accordance with Article 7 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14).

Azaria will periodically, in accordance with its decision put certain products on sale, at a price lower than regular one, and is obligated to mark the price and specify the duration of the sale on clear, visible and legible manner.

After the expiry of sales Azaria will not receive orders on terms related to expired sales.


Product information on www.qushin.com website is regulated by Azaria database.

Product pictures are illustrative and may not always be identical to the ordered product.

Azaria emphasizes that visual identity of the product shown on the photograph may not correspond to product in reality, especially due to monitor settings of customer’s computer, the difference in customer’s color perception, etc.

In case of the above mentioned discrepancy between the product shown on the photo and product delivered that is not considered to be product defect.

Product information (product description, price, etc.) shown on www.qushin.com are subject to bugs, irregularities in the application, other technical irregularities, typographic errors, etc.

In the case of obvious errors or deficiencies, in terms of information about the products displayed, Azaria reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

The subject of the order may only be products which are indicated as on stock and products that are not on stock, but are available in within 10 working days, excluding Saturdays.

Due to large number of orders that are simultaneously submitted to www.qushin.com, it is possible that information of the product availability is not identical with the situation in Azaria warehouse.

If the ordered product is not available, on stock, Azaria will inform the customer that the product is not available, state the period in which the product will be available and also offer the option to purchase alternative product on www.qushin.com that is available for delivery, and that, by its characteristics, is the most similar to the product which can not be delivered.


Products are ordered by selection, using the menu and filling out the online form. The customer can buy the product as a registered or unregistered user. Product is considered to be ordered when the customer passes the entire ordering process.

Payment of ordered products can be done by PayPal.

At the moment the order was received, Azaria will electronically, by email inform the customer that the order was received and that the product is successfully ordered.

If the buyer/customer doesn’t receive notification from the previous paragraph, it is suggested to check:

  • If the message is in the Junk / Spam folder
  • If mailbox is full
  • If the items are in your shopping cart after logging on www.qushin.com, and if not, the customer has to repeat the ordering process
  • When the product is packaged, Azaria will electronically, by email, inform the customer that the product is purchased and sent.


When choosing the product, in addition to it are written details - name of the product, a brief description, price, quantity, and stock availability.

  • Product is included in your cart by choosing.
  • Prices displayed on the site next to individual product apply to all forms of payment.
  • By accessing the "shopping cart" the customer gets access to selected products, quantity and price.
  • The product added in the "shopping cart" is bought by clicking "At the cashbox" button.
  • After clicking "At the cashbox" button, customer accesses order form in which is required to enter personal information. If personal data of the customer differs from personal data of the recipient, you are obliged to accurately indicate the recipient’s data by choosing listed options.
  • When ordering, postage price will be indicated next to each product.

Postage is listed separately and is not included in the price.

After receiving the data about order, a notice that the order is received will be displayed on the screen and the customer will receive electronic notice to specified email address.

If e-banking, general payment slip or PayPal is chosen as a form of payment and www.qushin.com does not have ordered product on stock, the customer will be notified within a reasonable time, and Azaria will make a refund.

In the case of the above payment, the customer bears the risk and responds to the accuracy and truthfulness of the submitted information, since Azaria will make refund in accordance with submitted data.


All prices are listed in Euros (EUR).

In the case of PayPal payment, payment costs and / or inter-bank transactions are not included in the price.


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Products can be ordered for delivery on the EU territory, under the conditions that apply to every area of service.

Delivery on the territory of the EU is carried out by the delivery service chosen by Azaria.

  • Product packaging is included in the shipping costs.
  • Delivery is not included in the price of the product, unless indicated otherwise ("free delivery" indication).

Azaria is obligated to deliver the ordered product within 21 days from signing the contract.

Shipping is done in accordance with the terms of use of delivery service, and is considered to be completed at the time of product delivery.

If the product sent to the customer or the recipient returns to Azaria, since delivery service has failed to deliver the product, the customer will be informed via email and offered the following options:

For the ordered product to be resubmitted, on customer’s email request, to customer’s or recipient’s address

To take the ordered product at Azaria, with prior telephone agreement about the time of taking over.

If customer doesn’t respond to directed email and chooses one of the options within 3 days,

the selected product will be sent to the customer's address by courier service.

When Azaria delivers the product to the customer or the recipient, by delivery service, the customer or recipient is required to sign the receipt, which confirms that the product is properly delivered.

If customer orders product and refuses to accept it, Azaria is entitled to withhold from the amount paid, the amount of the purchase price, in the amount of shipping and other handling costs.


Azaria is liable for material defects of products sold on its website, in accordance with the Croatian legislation, especially with the Obligations Act.

Ordered products are packaged in a way that, with ordinary manipulation in transport / delivery are not damaged.

If the item is damaged during transport, which is visible when picking the shipment, we suggest the customer not to accept the shipment. Please, contact us so we can check the status of shipment and send a new product as soon as possible.

In case of the visible defect of the products in shipment, the customer is not required to take the delivered product, can refuse to accept it, and does not bear the costs of delivery of such product. It is considered that the products received by the customer did not have a visible defect.

On receiving the products, the buyer is obliged to check the validity of the order and compare the received items with the receipt, if something is missing the customer is obliged to send a written complaint to Azaria within fourteen days, later complaints will not be considered.

By refusing the receipt, delivery service will return the shipment to Azaria, noting that the item contains defect.

If the product has a hidden defect (which could not detect by ordinary inspection when taking the product) that the customer finds after opening the product - the customer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and to a refund, replacement of the product, defect removal or price reduction.


If the customer is for any reason dissatisfied, it may file a complaint by email at:

info@qushin.com or in writing to: Azaria Ltd., Gotalovečka 5, 10000 Zagreb.

The customer has the right to reasoned objection and return of goods in the following cases:

  • Delivery of goods that were not ordered
  • Delivery of defective goods or the damage was not caused in transport

In case of request for return of the goods for justified reasons, the customer is required to make a written complaint by email on info@qushin.com or in writing to: Azaria Ltd., Gotalovečka 5, 10000 Zagreb.

To identify as soon as possible a specific order to which the customer has a complaint on, the customer should state the order number, account number or user name in complaint.

Azaria will confirm the receipt of the complaint in writing, without delay, within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the complaint, according to the Article 10, paragraph 5 of The Consumer Protection Act.

If the complaint is justified, the customer has the right to terminate the contract and to refund or substitute for the correct, undamaged and valid product.

Azaria will accept the return of damaged, defective or wrongly delivered goods at its own expense, if it is determined that the complaint is justified and that the customer did not affect the accuracy, damage or any deficiency of the goods.

If the complaint is justified, the cost of replacing the product with a new one shall entirely bear Azaria.


The customer may unilaterally terminate the contract within 14 days, without giving any reason.

The customer is not entitled to terminate the contract unilaterally:

  • If subject to contract is good sealed for health and hygiene reasons, not suitable for return, unsealed after delivery,
  • If goods subject to contract were, due to its nature, inseparably mixed with other things after delivery
  • If subject to contract are perishable goods or goods that are expiring soon.

In order for the customer to exercise the right to unilateral termination of the contract, it must notify its decision about the unilateral termination of the contract before the expiration date and send unambiguous statement with his name, address, phone number or electronic mail by post or email.

You can fill out and send electronically an example of unilateral termination of the contract on our website. We will confirm the receipt of the unilateral termination of the contract and you will be notified about it, without delay, by email.

The deadline for unilateral termination of the contract of 14 days begins to run from the date the customer or a third party designated by the customer, that is not a transporter, was submitted a commodity that is the subject of the contract.

If the customer terminates the contract unilaterally, Azaria is obligated to refund the money received, including the costs of delivery, without delay, and no later than 14 days after the goods were returned or after the proof is sent that the goods are sent back.

Refund will be made in the same way in which the payment was made. In the case that the customer agrees to some other way of refund, it does not bear any costs.

The customer is obliged to deliver or send goods (to address where it will be sent) without undue delay, no later than 14 days from the date the customer has sent its decision of the unilateral termination of the contract.

The customer bears direct cost of returning the goods.

The customer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from handling of the goods, other than that which was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.


By using the Azaria shop services you accept these Terms of sale.

If you do not agree with the terms, do not use this site or order products via it.

This web site contains information about products and Azaria services and serves as electronic point of sale - web shop.

Azaria is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of this website and information from this website for purposes that go beyond the framework of their intended purpose.


By accepting these terms of sale customer agrees to the terms of these conditions and accepts them as the integral part of the contract.